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Large objective lenses (50mm or larger) are common in long range shooting, because a big objective lens improves the image quality at the high end of the scope’s magnification range. However, large objective lenses do have some drawbacks. Scopes with a large objective lens are large and heavy, which just isn’t practical in many hunting situations.

Their large size also requires you to mount the scope higher. Because of the scope’s height, getting a proper cheek weld and a good sight picture at the same time can be hard, which can cause major accuracy issues. There are a number of different reticle styles that are useful for long range shooting.

Which style works best is largely a matter of personal preference. Whatever design you choose, make sure it has MIL or MOA marks of some sort. These marks will help you effectively compensate for windage and range. Are you ready to transform your weapon into a brand new firearm?

Then you should consider buying a gun cleaning kit now. The market is full of gun cleaners, but before making any purchase, keep in mind that cleaning the firearm should come naturally. You will need to lubricate most of the parts of the weapon, so the friction is to the minimum level, and the gun will work really smoothly.

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That being said, let’s get the best gun cleaning kits and see which are the various models that you can easily find. The Benefits of Gun Cleaners Which Are The Best Gun Cleaners to Buy? Best Gun Cleaner Comparison Chart 2021 Top 20 Best Gun Cleaner Reviews 20211. Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Cleaner(Best Overall)I have chosen the no. 9 Hoppes gun cleaner as the best break free gun cleaner on the list.

This product will help maintain your product in the best condition possible and ensure your weapon always performs best. The reticle can be illuminated between 11 different settings, and the lenses benefit from almost 100% light transmission. Innovative Turret DesignWe’d like to point out the presence of excellent windage and elevation adjustment turrets, and a separate parallax turret that allows you to compensate from 10 m to infinity.

But more importantly, this scope includes a unique color-coded double turn elevation knob. This gives you an instant reference to where the elevation is set and allows you to compensate quickly if your target moves up or down, like if you are hunting on a mountainside.

4. Pocket holstersThese are the kinds of holsters that allow the user to fit their guns inside their pockets. The holsters also ensure that the gun is positioned upright for the user to draw it easily in case of an urgent need. Pocket holsters are the best for concealed carry.

You can easily appear ordinary and casual without attracting too much attention. When drawing a gun, no one will see it coming until you point the gun at them. This is not easy to achieve with other holsters. You can therefore fool your opponent a little bit and then attack them when they are least prepared.