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No Button Presses Nothing At All

It is a polymer, kind of boring, but ultra reliable. If I had the choice of only taking a random pistol into a situation… Lots of other people think the same way… ’s why the Glock 19 is their best selling 9mm. The newest Gen 5 Glocks are out but you can still find lots of Gen 4 models.

I would opt for the Glock 17 full-size.

For those of you in handgun restricted states like California… Gen 3 is fine too (it’s what I have). If you don’t plan on concealed carrying… I would opt for the Glock 17 full-size. If you are going to go the CCW route or want something slightly smaller…

Glock 19. Make sure you can get all your fingers on the grip. We now have a full review on the Glock 19 Gen 5… Glock 19, Gen 5- Brownells (See Price) – Rainier Arms (See Price)See these two, and other great Glocks, in our Best Glocks Guide.

What’s your take on the compact and full-size 9mm Glocks? 2. Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2. 0The newest version of the venerable M&P (military and police) is the M&P 2. 0. If there’s a list of best 9mm handguns, this usually makes the top 3. I got the FDE color version…

I choose it as my runner-up best beginner 9mm handgun. Smith & Wesson M&P M2. 0- Brownells (See Price) – Cabelas (See Price)3. Springfield XD Mod 2, Service ModelThe newest version of the Springfield XD. Another striker-fired reliable gun that got updated with more aggressive texturing and the favorite stock trigger in my opinion.

Best Overall Hiking Pant1.

A little mushy but in a good way. The Service Model means it has a compact barrel but full-size grip. Best of both worlds for some! Best Overall Hiking Pant1. Body tubes are filled with nitrogen so you have waterproof and fog proof performance on the inside of the optic.

Amazing “Forever Warranty” is a no questions asked lifetime warranty to protect your investment. Pros- 100% fog proof and waterproof nitrogen filled body tubes. Multi-coated lenses to improve low light performance and reduce glare. 5 times zoom feature for fast targeting and a larger FOV for close targets.

30mm body tube with a 50mm objective lens. Cons- Fewer turret adjustments since it is primarily a hunting scope. The Burris Optics Veracity is the perfect long range scope for the hunter that occasionally shoots long range competition targets. You can be sure this scope will last a lifetime with the Burris Forever Warranty.

This is a great hunting scope that can be passed down for generations. Factors to Consider Before Buying a Long Range Rifle ScopeBefore delving into the intricate features, you might be wondering how we picked these top rifle scopes. To help you understand a little better, this intricate buyer’s guide contains all the legwork done to find out more about these products.

Here are the most important features I believe you should consider when choosing a new rifle scope. One of the first things you should consider looking at is the scope body. The body makes a massive difference when it comes to durability. Most of the top scopes have been constructed from durable aircraft grade aluminum.

Perfect For All Day Use, Cool In The Morning?

Power Howler for a single howl somewhere in a sequence. Locater (locater1. mp3) 635KB Clear tone siren courtesy of Howard Drummond, Fire Crew Capitan. Locater (locater2. mp3) 720KB Crank tone siren courtesy of Howard Drummond, Fire Crew Captain. Note. The siren locater sound will not call in coyotes but is used to locate the coyotes.

A siren sounds will often cause coyotes to howl back. You can then tell where the coyotes are located and come back 30 min or so later and make a calling stand near where you heard the coyotes howling back at the siren. MAKE YOUR OWN CALLING SEQUENCES.

You can rename the calling sounds and the silence files and load them to your MP3 player in the order you want them to play. It is like making a play list. Unable to detect range at 1200 yards. If the object is larger or wider and no obstacle between the range then it may detect the range up to 1100 yards.

Durability:- camo color design is best for the hunter, the build material used is hard plastic and rubber material on the lower bottom for gripping, the design is handy. Quick and easy access to the menu button. It’s not waterproof and fog proof but withstand harsh weather conditions.

Automatic Turn Off:- yes the ranger finder is automatically turn off after 20 sec if no function is performed. So, basically it always on you just need to press the power button. 45 degrees Angular Field of View:- 7 degreesWeight:- 9. 6 Oz Dimensions:- 106 x 40 x 42 mm Warranty:- 1-year warranty Water-ResistantStrap Carrying Pouch Microfiber Cleaning Cloth CR2 BatteryGogogo Camo 6X Hunting Laser Rangefinder is cheap and best, the quality material right now to purchase among the other hunting range finders.

7. Imported brake system locate accurately moving fast efficiently production.

One of the best hunting rangefinders to buy under a $100 budget. Recommend to buy because it provides you versatile functions in the cheapest price range. 6. Optional SMEMA port for communication between machines. 7. Imported brake system locate accurately moving fast efficiently production. 8. Specific error checking system and security checking system is applied.

This maintains the durability and rugged toughness of the nylon while introducing a small amount of stretch and movement into the fabric for hiking and moving over rough or uneven terrain. Columbia’s Omni-Shield system is even made to shed water and stains from these sweet-looking pants.

These are a pair of hiking trousers that can hack a day of trail use or a day in the yard. 4 Outdoor Research Voodoo Pants- Articulated knees – Gusseted crotch – Water Resistant and Quick Drying Harness compatible waist The Outdoor Research Voodoo hiking pants are by far the most stretchy hiking pant we’ve reviewed here – these pants are rocking a 12% elastane content for serious movement and stretch. Thanks to the nylon they’re also windproof and water resistant. Again, these outdoor pants are well-designed with a thin and flat waistband to minimize irritation and chafing while wearing a pack.

While slightly less hardcore than the Cirque pant, these pants feature a handful of helpful pockets. However, I think you’ll find these are the best outdoor pants for hiking and you don’t want to carry items in your pockets. Store your goodies in your backpack and take advantage of the sleek pants pockets for holding your wallet and phone when you head to the bar after a long day of hiking.

If you want the option of convertible pants, check out the Outdoor Research Ferrosi pants. 5 Mountain Hardwear AP Pants- DWR Finish – UPF 50 sun protection – 4 pockets and front phone pocket The Mountain Hardware AP pants are seriously stylish yet no-nonsense for weekend hiking or even longer trips in the right situations.

They are made from a blend of cotton, nylon, elastane and fitting with an athletic aesthetic, they’re just as comfortable for a fancy dinner as they are at the trailhead. With a flat waistband lined with microfleece and belt loops for any size belt, they can easily be adapted to backcountry of front-country use with ease.