Tax Debt Settlement Through The IRS Fresh Start

irsfsThere are a lot of individuals who cannot settle their high rising tax debts because of unemployment and other unexpected economic conditions. However, the Internal Revenue Service now provides an IRS fresh start in order for the taxpayers to settle their debts at their convenience. They have increased the amount of tax before a person can receive a Notice of Federal Tax Lien. This is very helpful to individuals who have accumulated their tax debts over a period of time. They just have to apply for an IRS fresh start in order …

Starting A Blog By Using Tutorials From The Internet

sabbutNo idea about HTML code? No problem! With the help of internet and the users of the internet, finding a tutorial on how to create a basic blog site by learning how to code its simple structure is really easy and not hard to find. A really informative blogging starter site is here. When starting a blog, if you aim for a simple layout of a simple blog, then it is fine to have the basic knowledge of HTML codes. Most people on the internet are bloggers as well. These people, who …

Relaxation Techniques For Anxiety Should Be Known!

rtaThere seems to be a huge increase in levels of anxiety among people these days. This starts even as they are young children and are on the way to adulthood. In some, it is very clearly related to certain activities at a particular time. For instance, end of the year exams are sure to bring out the worst state of anxiety. It is unfortunate that schools do not pay any attention to relaxation techniques for anxiety as part of the curriculum. It is a given that for everything toxic that happens, we …

Student Protests Show Real Strength

Last fall, the galvanizing issue for students at Indiana University wasn’t the perennial griping over a shortage of parking spaces or overcrowded classes. In fact, student attention was focused in a rural Mississippi county, more than 500 miles away from the sleepy hills of southern Indiana.

Protest erupted on the campus when the school’s investment body announced it was selling 6,000 acres of Mississippi land that had been willed to it to a corporation planning to build a hazardous waste landfill and incinerator. The facility, designed to take in up to one-tenth

SEAC Made Student Groups Strong Through Solidarity

seacSEAC-affiliated groups have established recycling programs at 900 universities in the United States, lobbied successfully against the James Bay hydroelectric project in Canada, set up environmental oversight committees at their universities, and engaged in a boycott of one of Ohio’s worst polluters, British Petroleum. In October 1990, a national SEAC conference featuring Earth First! founder Dave Foreman, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Robert Redford and United Farm Workers President Cesar Chavez drew 8,000 students to the campus of the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana.

The nationwide SEAC network is divided into 17 regions,

Kenos Play Hard!

Dramatic moments on PBS’ “Antiques Roadshow” are not uncommon. This one, however, stands out because it involves the inimitable Keno twins (suffice to say, the incident was re-shown on “Oprah”). A no-nonsense older lady has brought along her antique Federal card table of luxuriant chestnut hue. The brothers beam at her. She bought it more than thirty years ago for $25 at a garage sale. The twins gasp, beam harder, jittery with restraining themselves. Aged 42, identically blond, dressed in impeccable Savile Row suits, they might be scarcely 14, so clear is …

When Demolition Takes Over

PLYWOOD DEMOLITION CHUTES AND GREEN DUMPSTERS have become fixtures on the American landscape. From San Francisco to New York, from Newport to Houston, homeowners are renovating perfectly livable interiors as if their lives depended on it. What were once considered luxury spaces–commercially equipped kitchens, wine cellars, package-wrapping rooms–are, for some, basic necessities now. And while people in different parts of the country have slightly different ideas about must-have renovations, most must have luxurious kitchens and bath space, and lots of it.

lkIn Newport, Rhode Island, architect Jim Estes says his firm is